Responsive website build for startup toy manufacturer

Startup Plingtoys approached us to build and develop a responsive WordPress website using a completed set of desktop designs to promote their new toy and maths learning tool for young children, Numbuko.The desktop pages were built and reworked for mobile devices, leaving the original approved layout intact but adding support for smaller screen resolutions. Using the provided complex layout, we built a standard repeatable page template where customisable sections with multiple columns of text and images can be added to explain features and benefits of the product. We also built a basic FAQs and News section to provide regular product updates and information to potential consumers. As Plingtoys are still developing their now trademarked product, the site is set up to promote to a future app launch when the time comes.

Front End Web Dev

Numbuko Homepage

About Numbuko tablet

About Numbuko mobile

About Numbuko, customisable pages with content rows