Outside the Box

Outside the Box

Community support group website with accessibility focus

Outside the Box (OTB) is a charitable organisation that helps build, maintain and support community groups. They came to us with a build, maintain and support job need of their own – a website to promote their services to users and attract financial supporters.

We delivered a full website solution, including design, development, build and training. Because the organisation has a diverse audience with a wide range of communication needs and technological ability, accessibility was a key focus for the project. We created a clean design with a simple-to-navigate structure, and included high contrast mode and text resize functionality. We developed in-depth projects filtering based on the needs of service users, who search for community groups OTB has started or supported by topic, theme and year founded. Finally, we developed a training plan and supporting video walkthroughs, to ensure OTB staff can keep the site updated as their communities continue to grow.

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Third Sector Lab
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