Scottish College of Educational Leadership

Scottish College of Educational Leadership

Leadership framework for public funded education organisation

To support their ambitious vision for educational leadership in Scotland, the Scottish College of Educational Leadership needed to make their huge bank of content and activities more accessible online.

The approach to this one was obvious – put the teachers first. We started with research, ran workshops and with the client, and developed user personas. From there, we created the wireframes and planned a completely user-driven approach to the site structure. We created a clean, responsive layout that allows users access key information, learning and leadership activities, video content and educational resources on any device. Working in collaboration with web designers at MadeBrave, Habanero delivered UX focused wireframes, front end development, WordPress development and user training.

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Front End Planning User Exp Web Dev

SCEL Homepage

SCEL Homepage Tablet

SCEL Homepage Mobile

Framework landing page final, logged in

Framework wireframe page

Final Videos page

Original wireframe for videos page